Ready Arm Defend


Opening in 2016, READY ARM DEFEND (RAD) is a locally owned and operated gun store. We are blessed to call Orange Beach our home.

With a licensed FFL onsite, all transfers are completed quickly and accurately. If you wish to have a firearm transferred through RAD, simple call or email us with the seller's contact information. We will take care of everything else.

RAD is also a veteran owned business, and we fully support the men and women who serve this country. This includes all branches of our Armed Forces, as well as our local Police, Fire, and EMS first responders. God bless you all.

9:30 to 4:30, MONDAY - FRIDAY
  • TRANSFERS are only $20 per firearm. This includes the background check and all of the paperwork. If you need a copy of our FFL, please CLICK HERE to download the PDF file.

  • CONSIGNMENT is made easy for customers. For 20% of the sales price we will sell your firearm, ammuntion, or other gun-related items. Visit the shop to discuss how we can do this for you.

  • SHIPPING a firearm can be a hassle, not to mention a legal issue if not done properly. Let us take care of these procedures for you. For $30 plus actual shipping costs, we handle everything for you.

  • CLEANING your firearms is one of the many services we offer. If you would like us to handle that for you, please visit the store for a personal quote. The price depends on a number of factors.

  • THE VAULT offers a secure location for us to store your firearms. Equipped with steel walls and a steel door, as well as cameras and motion sensors, this is where we keep our inventory locked up each night. Only $5 per week for handguns and $6 per week for long guns.

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